Do you ever get an erection buying underwear

when I first had to start buying my own underwear I used to get hard just thinking about going into the underwear department. I was looking at a nice pair the other day and got a semi and it made me think about this.

How about you?

yeah it happens. A couple years ago I was shopping in one of the local gay mens clothing stores and pulled up a pair of cumstained briefs that someone had stroked off in and returned to the shelf. The experience was quite aphrodesiac and I was tempted to buy them if I could have gotten them through my buddy working the register without him realizing I was buying cum crusty briefs. LOL

yes all the time, esp trubks for some reason, but it has to be cold cause i norm never wear anything in less its cold or im at work

I do when I buy undergear or swimmers online or in the store.  I prefer to try on the gear wearing a cock ring...and sometimes put on a little show if the store is not busy and the salespeople seem interested.  I love to go shopping for gear with a trick as its always leads to sex somewhere.

Yes all the time

I totally get hard in the underwear sections and i love to see what other guys are wearing too.

My partner and I will shop together while checking out guys in underwear section and us buying underwear. We get turned on by the whole experience. 

Couple into underwear play n trade.inbox us mailing addresses and once we receive a trade will send back from our collection. We like briefs, bikinis, strings, pouches, boxer briefs,square cuts, mesh, jocks jockbriefs. We're a small or medium.

I've gone to an outlet mall in GA on I-85 (exit 49 I believe) north of Atlanta.  It has a Jockey store.  Went in and just one sales person in the store.  I felt he was the owner.  Good looking, 50's, tall and slim.  

As I perused the merchandise, touching and feeling the things hanging out in the open, I got my usual erection.  My pants were already fairly tight so it wasn't any secret to anyone who'd look down there. 

I asked him about one particular pair of nylon sports boxers with a pouch.  Blue.  Asked if he'd ever worn a pair of them and how they felt.  He said he had and that they were fine.  I decided to go to the next level and said  "It's obvious buying underwear is a turn on for me.  Sorry about that!  But, do you have any experience of how they feel when an erection comes?"  He laughed and said he understood and he had actually had that experience in them and they felt "sexy." 

I began to have a good vibe and went the final step.  I asked if it were permissable to try them on.  He said ordinarily he said no but this time I could but just needed to put on a pair of sheer mini udies he kept for such an occasion.  He said I could try them on in the back room.  I went to the back with him (the door had a buzzer on it to notify when a customer came in) and took off my pants.  He commented on how nice my black Jocky cotton briefs looked and that they held the erection in well.  I had never lost it from the beginning of the conversation. 

He got these very very thin nylon (or silk) mini undies and I put them on, hard-on and all.  Then slipped on the nylon boxers.  My cock stood up over the waistband of both pair.  

I said I loved the fit while noticing his pants sporting a bulge now.  No question where this was going!

He said I needed to feel how it felt with the cock completely enclosed and moved forward, pulled the waistband out toward him, took my cock and slid it to the side and released the band.  Now I was at a bent angle completely beneath the material.  He ran his hand along the shaft and said "Feel how comfortable that is even when hard.

I reached out and brushed his bulge in his Khakis and said I bet that he needed a little adjusting too.  I undid his belt and buttons and zipped his fly down slowly.  He slipped off his loafers and took the pants off completely.  We were now just standing face to face in just our shirts and undies.  He moved to me and pressed his bulge to mine and began to rub left and right, causing so much heat and erotic feelings.  He then began kissing me and it was on!  I reached behind and felt his beautiful ass through his white Jockey pouch briefs.  Fingering the crack up and down. 

He moaned and I slid down on my knees and began licking his bulge with my wet tongue as I slid fingers up one leg openiing and got my hand in to play with his crack.  My other hand went into the right leg opening and began teasing his balls and cock as I licked the cotton. 

We then decided to get on the floor and go into a hot 69, sucking and licking each others briefs until I said I can't take it anymore.  That I needed to be skin to skin.  He got up and slowly slid my two pair of undies down my legs.  I reached up and did the same for him, putting the briefs to my face as he laid down.  We simultaneously took each others cocks into our mouths and began the slow ritual of coaxing out that hot, sweet/bitter, thick manjuice out of each other.  

I felt him cum into my mouth just shortly before I shot an explosive load into his.  We intuitively switched to face to face and swapped cum while kissing.  We laid there for a couple minutes as the sensation slowly dissipated and we were totally spent. 

I don't know if this guy is still there but if you ever go past exit 49 at the Tanger Outlet Mall and have time.  Stop in and "feel" him out.  The worst that can happen is you'll walk away with an new pair of sexy/steamy Jockey underwear!  LOL

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