Discontinued before their time

Unfortunately I tend not to realize a favorite pair has become discontinued until it's too late. New York City has many resell shops and normally I can find a pair there at a closeout price, but it's not always that easy. As soon as I found out that Jockey Elance bikini briefs were, though once ubiquitous, nowhere to be found, I was crushed. They were perfect to wear with a suit, light fabric, only one layer of fabric over the package, which almost never happens, they wrote like a favorite old tshirt that just got better with age. I can't find them anywhere except in sizes too small on eBay. I'd pay the awful prices people are charging for them just to have them back again. Another pair is the CK pro stretch reflex retro sports brief, but I never see those at all. I'd be thrilled to find the 2xist athletic briefs - I had a few pairs but I wore them all out showing them off and rubbing my bulge for my fans online.

What pair have you been looking for and haven't been m able to find?

Looking for Merona lowrise cotton briefs that they sold at Target.  Super comfortable, almost tshirt material in great colors.

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