Videos for an underwear fetishist

Am I the only person who gets into a video of a guy bulging out a pair of briefs, complete with the vpl and just the right amount of see through, and suddenly after about five seconds of bulge play, he pulls them off and they are not discussed again? That's awful. I'd love to find more videos of underwear fetishists just having fun in their underwear. Some bulge grabbing, crotch worship, licking the package until you can see through the white fabric, some teasing, maybe a little slip here and there, but keep them on for a while lot longer than normal. If I'm watching a video, I want to see the underwear being the focal point of the whole thing, am I alone in this? If even love to see a man take off a suit and leave his tight briefs on, sit down and relax, and just massage his package for a while, tell me how they feel, how soft they are, the first time he wore them, why they get him so excited. No urine, no derogatory remarks, no beatings - how about a man of even a group of men who love their underwear and are having a great time playing show and tell? If there is a video like that, please, please send me the link!

Sounds perfect to me, love the tease of seeing a cock outline and being played with through the briefs. Even find it hot to see a damp precum patch and then ultimately cum oozing thru, at that point i would be there if i could and strip them off to see the still swollen cock oozing the last remnants of cum.... call me a perv by all means lol

Found this video



love to swap udnies with any of you stud- think undies are HOT along with a sweet cock oozing precum and cum- lets chat soon

If only there were videos like that!  I live for underwear foreplay and sex.  Had a great session with Jim Weems long ago when we rented a cabin at a gay campground in GA (River's Edge), I believe.  Could have been In The Woods.  Jim has an astounding collection of undies and we were both trying them on and doing the required touching and feeling to see how they fit on each other.  LOL

Sure wish we could gather a group (3 or more???) of guys from the SC/GA area and arrange an overnight or day trip to the campground and have a true underwear orgy.  Atlanta would probably be the closest source of participants.  

Think, guys bulging in their undies all rolling around each other on and beside the bed.  Been in a sixteen guy orgy that had one king bed and everyone was piling on as well as playing with each other standing around the bed.  I think I had cocks and balls and asses all around and all over me.  In my mouth, in my hands and guys trading sucking my cock as I laid on the bed.  So fucking hot.  Think how that would be with us all in our underwear.  I'd love to tear a hole in someones briefs and fuck them through it while my cock is pulled out through the opening in the front.  Then some guy fucking me the same way.  Maybe a undie daisy chain!  LOL

As you can see, I am so fucking horny and need a guy or guys to play with in our undies.

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